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12 thoughts on “Members area

    • Hi David. Thanks for the suggestion but moderating a forum is both time-consuming and demanding of storage space on the server. It is also a bit outdated, so that is why we have a Facebook page – join us on Facebook and you can do exactly what you suggest.

  1. Hi, as an artist and member of LAN, I would dearly love to have my name (along with the description ‘portrait artist’) and a link to my website placed within your list of artists on your ‘Artists’ page.

    However the two seperate requests that I have sent in over the last couple of weeks appear to have been completely ignored.
    Is it just a case that each request takes a very long time to process, or is there some technical difficulty preventing this?

    • Hi David. We don’t deliberately ignore anyone but this site is managed on a completely voluntary basis, as and when time allows, so things sometime s take a little while. However, there is no record of any request from you – your account shows no posts and no email has been received so it looks like your request was not received. It is being added now

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