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Have some arts news or an opportunity for artists? Holding an art event? If it is relevant to or of interest to artists or art in Lancashire or the Northwest, please post details on the LAN website.Whether you are an artist, curator, gallery or museum, studio or art organiser, simply join/register then login and post.Making a post

Posts are for news items and for announcements about an opportunity or forthcoming event. When posting, do check your spelling, choose titles to generate interest and select an appropriate category i.e. news, event, opportunity. Select tags that are most relevant, including art form, town or area – this is so visitors can easily filter for the information most relevant to them.¬†Tip: choose from the ‘most used’ tags for best results.

You may add an image to give more interest but do ensure you have the rights holders’ ¬†permission(s) to do so and keep image small, at 72dpi suitable for web.¬†Note: large or inappropriate images will be deleted.

Either save your post as a draft so you can edit or add to it later, or submit for editorial review. Once submitted, you can no longer make changes. Once it has been reviewed and published, your post will appear on the Home page of the site and will automatically be announced on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, to maximise coverage. You can of course share this with your own followers to further increase exposure.

Adding events

To publicise a specific event on a set date or dates, such as an exhibition, performance or festival, create a new Event rather than a Post. You can still add text and an image and choose the category and tags as above but adding as an event allows you to include specific dates and times and to select the organiser and venue, include a website link, show any admission fee and choose whether to include a map.

Once reviewed and published, events then appear on the Events Calendar for the appropriate date(s) and contain links to the organiser and venue. They also show on the Home page of the site and on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for you to share with others.

We hope you find these tips useful.

Posting helps you to publicise and spread the word about your news and events whilst helping artists, art commissioners and those with an interest in art in the north west to see what is going on, where and who by. Make the most of it.

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