Dart Gallery Launch – Opportunity for local Artists

DART Gallery is offering the opportunity for local artists to sell their products and to inspire young students in their creative endeavours. The official launch date for DART is set for the 21st of June, to be opened by Wayne Hemingway and sponsored by the international company, Graham & Brown.

DART Gallery is a student led social enterprise, located within the confines of Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, an Academy and Sixth Form located within Lancashire. DART will sell and exhibit artwork and contemporary products, including crafts, produced by the local community and global on-trend purchasing. DART will also serve as a creative hub for the local community for learning new skills, sharing new skills and as a stepping stone for people in the community to build their own creative businesses. In terms of footfall, on site, we have over 1,100 staff and students daily, over 200 local people a week who visit our location for adult learning courses and over 300 visitors a week from across the region who visit us for various reasons.

DART not only represents a retail space, but also a space for showcasing creative talent. DART is envisioned to be a creative hub, a vital link for creativity and arts in the community, a profitable company and an asset to the community. We plan to develop our product range in response to current market trends, using the Creative and Performing Arts department’s link with the international company, Graham & Brown, as inspiration and mentors for the students involved in the DART Gallery. Furthermore, DART will benefit from a drop-in facility, where user groups and the public can enjoy a coffee in a gallery setting.

DART will run on a sale or return basis; all items that do not sell within a certain amount of time will be returned to the artist. Canvases and large framed items will be displayed for an average of one to two months, dependent upon the calendar of events. If there is no sale after the time, the item will be returned to the artist. Jewellery and small crafts will be displayed for a period of up to four months, after which time all unsold products will be returned to the artist. Following these displayed times; products may be added to a product catalogue, which would allow customers to see what products have been available in the past, which may be available to order through DART’s contact base. The commission for the DART Gallery will be 40% on each product sold. The remainder of the revenue will be paid directly to the artist.

Please look through our information pack and decide if you would like to be a part of this unique opportunity. We would ask that you email us back within 48 hours to confirm your interest and then mail your product along with the completed information pack to us by 01 June 2012, to have your work ready for sale on our opening day.

If you have any questions about how to apply or about DART, please contact The DART team

on 01254 891 500 or email dart@daca.uk.com. Address: DART Gallery, Darwen Aldridge

Community Academy, Sudell Road, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 3HD

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