Eklectik Live Art Event – submissions call

Eklectik is a Live Art platform for Contemporary Theatre, giving artists an opportunity to present their work at a live platform event in Preston. It is an open call out to students and recent graduates/emerging artists who want an opportunity to showcase their work. Apply NOW to give yourself this opportunity for more experience in performance and live art. Artists must cover their own production costs, but will be assisted with any technological elements if required.

This event will take place in Preston.
All performances and showings will be 18th May 2015
The deadline for submissions will be 7th April 2015
Successful applicants will be called or emailed on 14th April 2015

Apply www.eklectik.org
Like us on facebook! www.facebook.com/Eklectikofficial
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Please complete these details and send by email to SLGrogan@uclan.ac.uk

Applicant’s name
Company Name (if required)
Contact number
Email Address
Title of your performance
Information about yourself and why you are interested in live art performance (150 words maximum)

How did you hear about us?
Please give full details of your performance experience
with performance or live art.

Do you have any technical requirements needed for your performance that you are unable to do yourself? If so what are they?

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
Yes No

If answered yes, do you have any special requirements needed for your performance and do you need any assistance with this? If yes, please state below what you need
Please briefly describe your performance (150 words maximum)

How long will it take for you to set-up and how long will you need for your ‘get-out’ once your performance is over?
Why do you want to take part in our project?
What size space is required for your performance?
Small Medium Large
Would you like to use the Theatre or another space for your performance?
Theatre Other
Is your performance durational?

Yes No
What is the duration of your performance and how many audience members do you need (per showing if you are performing more than once)

If you need any assistance with technical elements, please email shannon@eklectik.org in advance
Our website: www.eklectik.org

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