Answers to some of the most common questions:

How do I join?

Simply register on this site. All applications are reviewed and once accepted, you will be advised by email that your membership has been activated.Please ensure you double-check the email address you give us for any spelling or typing errors and ensure it is a valid address. If we cannot contact you by email you will not be able to activate your account.

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I haven’t had an approval email – help

If after 21 days you still have not received an email please check your spam or junk folders. If you haven’t received an email the most common cause is a typo in the address used to join. We receive a lot of bounced emails so do ensure email addresses are spelt correctly and are fully resolved i.e. that they have no spaces or unusual characters and correctly show in the format address@provider.com If we can’t send you an email, you won’t be able to activate your account.

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Why has my application been refused?

Providing you can show that you are a genuine person with links to north west England and either practicing, studying, promoting or otherwise engaged with art in whatever form, your application should be approved unless we can see that you already have an active account. We receive a lot of applications with no supporting information to demonstrate fulfilling the criteria. If you feel your refusal is unjustified, please apply again but ensure you provide the details we ask for.

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Why is the site sometimes not available?

This site can get very busy and receives lots of visitors during a month. Sometimes, we exceed the bandwidth allocated to us and the site goes offline for a day or two at the end of the month. Donations, however small, help to support the site and increase the bandwidth. Your help is much appreciated.

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What are the membership criteria?

If you are an artist, arts professional or consultant, arts organisation, studio provider, studio group, gallery or other arts venue or are otherwise engaged in the arts AND you are based in or can demonstrate connections with Lancashire or north west England, you are eligible to join. We do ask you for a short bio and a link to your website to support this and we do check each application so the more info you supply, the easier it will be for us to confirm and to approve your application.

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How long does approval take?

Requests are reviewed as quickly as possible but in order to retain the focus and purpose of LAN, your application needs to demonstrate that you fulfil the criteria so will not be immediate. Please allow up to 21 days for requests to be processed. Whilst awaiting approval do not create another application – all requests are dealt with on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. Thank you for your patience.

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How much does it cost?

Currently, membership of LAN is still free to those who fulfil the criteria however donations, however small, help towards the costs of hosting this site and are always appreciated.

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I used to be a member of LAN

Welcome back – if your membership was prior to 2012, you will need to request new membership as the structure changed during 2011.

If you joined after 2012 your membership account will still be held but may be inactive. If you know your username try to login and request a new password if necessary, using the email address you used when joining.

If you are advised no account exists for your email address you may have used a different address.

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I have a problem with login

Most login problems are easily resolved. Please check you have the correct username and password and note that these are case-sensitive. Also note that any spaces in usernames are unseen characters and must be included. It is best to use hyphens or underscores to avoid issues.

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My password isn’t recognised

Please double check you have entered it exactly – passwords are case-sensitive. If it still is not accepted, use the Lost password? facility to have it emailed to you.

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I can’t register/create a new account – help

To avoid the creation of multiple accounts, each user account is tied to the email address used to create it.  If you receive a message saying that your email address is already in use, our system already holds an account for you. You will need to log in using the username you used to originally create the account. If you cannot remember your username you will need to contact us or create an account using a different email address.

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How many user accounts can I have?

Only one user account is allowed per member registration, this is to keep the records from showing false numbers of members. However, if you are for example an artist but also run a studio group, you may create two separate accounts using two separate email addresses and use one for your personal purposes and the other for posting your studio groups news. Similarly if you run or manage two or more galleries or art spaces, create separate accounts to keep the details separate.

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Why am I not included on the Artists page?

Inclusion on the Artists page is not automatic – if you would like to be included please send us your website URL and a short one-line description.

If you don’t have your own website, a link to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profile can be used but do check the link works before posting.

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How long does it take to be included?

Requests to be included on the Artists listing page are processed as quickly as possible but please remember LAN is run on a voluntary basis as time allows, so please be patient. If you haven’t been included after a few weeks then do drop a line in case it has been missed.

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How do I post my news/opportunities

When logged in simply click +New on the top menu bar and choose from the drop down menu. Select Post for all news and opportunities, then ensure you select the appropriate Category.

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How do I post an event?

Login and from the +New item on the top menubar select Event  for listing exhibitions or other activities. Ensure you complete date, time, venue and organiser details. A Google map function is available if full address details are provided. You can also show any cost.

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Is there a charge for posting content?

There is currently no charge for members posting news, events and opportunities.

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Can I post an image?

Images can be included provided they are small (max 500px) and have been optimised for web use. Large files will be deleted. Please also ensure you have the rights to post if the image is not yours. We take copyright infringement seriously.

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Can I make multiple submissions?

You can post a news item relating to an exhibition and then post the exhibition as an event for example. Multiple or duplicate posts on the same subject or event will be deleted however, with persistence viewed as spam for which  your account will be suspended.

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How do I make contact?

The Contact form is for sending a link for inclusion or to provide feedback on the site or where an urgent response is not needed. For specific questions our Facebook page or Twitter is likely a better option.

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