The Art of Drawing: Brent Eviston Teaches in 3 Essential Videos

Artist Brent Eviston teaches the art of drawing fundamentals that take you from basic line weight to mastering shape and form. Explore the first three lessons!

Brent Eviston demonstrates how even a complex drawing is made up of basic shapes in Week One of The Art and Science of Drawing.

Explore our most popular drawing courses and see what makes Brent Eviston such a great drawing instructor! “The Art and Science of Drawing,” his unique series of video lessons, is the perfect platform for all skill levels to explore fundamental drawing principles and techniques. Each course is designed to be taken one day at a time, working through simple shapes, to expressive mark making, and into constructing form and volume. Explore the first three courses in this series! 

Week 1: Basic Skills and Commitment to Practice

In Week 1, you’ll learn why practice, not inherent talent, is the key to success with the art of drawing. As Brent Eviston teaches, drawing is a process that begins with light lines and multiple attempts at the form, and no one gets it right the first time! You’ll learn to hold the pencil using the overhand grip and make light lines with the side of the pencil. In your first project, you’ll draw lightly for a minimum of 30 minutes, and discover your ideal line weight. Plus, why you might want to get set up to draw standing instead of sitting.

Week 2: Dynamic Mark-Making

Brent Eviston teaches how tactile lines convey hard and soft qualities in one of Week 2’s lessons.

A drawing is made up of hundreds (If not thousands) of individual lines and marks. Every line in a drawing should serve at least two purposes. The first is to communicate what the literal form is. The second purpose is to express an idea or an emotion with your line work. In Week 2 of “The Art and Science of Drawing,” instructor Brent Eviston helps you explore the psychology of line, lines that convey emotion, bringing form to life, tactile lines, and atmospherics. Daily assignments guide you to try variations and experiment with freedom and confidence.

Week 3: Form & Space

A piece of paper is flat. To communicate dimensions, we need to understand how the eye and mind see volume and how we can draw objects that are believably occupying space. Brent Eviston teaches you this essential skill of volumetric drawing in Week 3 of “The Art and Science of Drawing.” You’ll practice with spheres, cylinders, and cubes and learn to observe objects for important information. Then put it all together with a simple still life drawing using these shapes. Daily practice exercises will build your skills and improve your ability to observe and break down any object!

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