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Valuing Value – The “Value” of Being an Artist

We asked our audience to share their own musings on the word “Value,” with these questions: “What do you value most about being an artist?” and ” How do you value value in your work?” Check out these inspiring responses! Share your own musings in the comments below!

It’s funny, me being “an artist.” I didn’t want to be one. I wanted to be a writer – a journalist, to be specific. I wanted to part of a group of people who weren’t afraid to speak the truth. I had my reasons. My mother, however, no doubt keenly aware of those reasons, literally forbade that and, her reasoning was, since she was the one paying, it would be art college or no college at all. So, art college it was and I was pretty lost. I liked art well enough, but I had no leanings one way or the other. My painting teacher thought my work was awesome and I thought he was nuts so I picked a major randomly and graduated eventually and, also eventually, became a writer professionally.

I always scribbled a bit, but everything came to a halt in my late 40’s when I contracted diffuse progressive systemic sclerosis which hardened and tightened my skin, curling my fingers into fist-position. There was a massive amount of pain and no writing, no drawing, no nothing but pain and waiting for death… instead, I became a lab rat, part of a clinical trial searching for a cure. The trial was a total failure with one exception: me and, except for my hands, which I guess are here to be a reminder for me and are still basically clenched into fists, (I’m typing this with the sides of my thumbnails), I am as ‘normal’ as I ever was.

Now, in my late 70’s, I have been blessed again, falling into two communities – one where I live, in West Virginia and the other, close by, in Virginia – with very active art’s communities and, after having produced three books for my publishers on the more ‘spiritual’ or ‘energetic’ aspects of healing, I have become active in all of them, because, as it turns out, the act of painting is my perfect balance for the act of writing. Painting – and mine is rather detailed – demands from me an almost meditative state, one in which words have no place… it’s all color and line and balance and it demands from me every ounce of attention and I give it and I love doing it. I suppose it IS my meditation, especially since 2016 when the country I live in seems to have revealed itself as something far less than “home sweet home” and I have needed the promise of peace and balance.

Painting has helped me to find one small place of peace and I value that tremendously.

Victoria Pendragon

I value my family and friends the most, less I value is material things. I value being able to see things differently than other people, to appreciate the beauty before me. I value my paintings, I know I don’t paint masterpieces, YET, it will come, I value being able to paint to the best of my current ability.

Christine Dytrych

For me the greatest value in being an artist is to see diferently, see deeper, observe and interrogate about what I see. As for value in technical term, for me it has a great importance, it adds dramatism, it elevates an artwork from acceptable to good and further.

Agnes Preszler

I value being able to see things more fully because of my artwork. That is one of the reasons I teach art to folks who didn’t think they could do art. They often remark that it helps them see better! That always warms my heart too!

Suzi Franklin

Value to me means putting your heart and soul into all that I do. Whether it’s my family who I cherish most, friends who have chosen to be in their lives or my art. My art is a part of who I am. It is what I love to do and will do for as long as life allows. I value my abilities and never take them for granted. I wish that my art will bring others the joy that it brings to me.

Maureen Scullin

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  1. Value means in my opinion the importance or the interest that’s particularly carried by anything concerned . So when it comes to being an artist, I normally take it as a blessing for the fact that it gives the ability to see things differently and much more deeper than how others do. Honestly I’ve not done art at any Art schools nor colleges, but it doesn’t stop me from experiencing it for it’s still understandable that Art is free, and that’s what I adore the most about this domain. I therefore sometimes get tempted to suspect being misusing my mediums but I still choose to continue nevertheless to the extent it explains my point . Secondly I believe without fear of contradiction that life without art was Going to be very boring and senseless. This must be the reason why Even God himself created different things with various natures or colors and in the end found beauty in every thing he made. That’s how I take my work , viva artists, feel blessed

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