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Free pastel painting techniques

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Pastel Painting Techniques: Making Color Work in Every Pastel Drawing - Cover

Explore the great variety of ways pastels can be used in your artwork. What gives pastel painting and pastel drawing their originality is the way colors are blended or layered directly on the surface, rather than mixed on a palette.

With this free pastel painting techniques tutorial, Artists Network gives you the tools to learn how to paint with pastels by focusing on the generous color effects offered by this medium.

Download your free copy today and achieve vibrant colors, creating stimulating and high-energy portraits and pastel landscapes.

Making Color Work in Every Pastel Drawing

Learn how to paint with pastels with pastel artist Frank Federico

Looking for downloadable art lessons online? What better way than learning how to paint with pastels following the steps of master pastel artist and teacher Frank Federico through his dynamic approach to color!

Follow Federico’s art techniques and pastel drawing tips and develop your own color method to achieve spontaneity and energy in your pastel paintings. The goal in pastel painting is to master colors. “I tell my students to experiment here, to see what works, and what doesn’t work, and to learn how colors change in juxtaposition. I encourage them to sample colors, to explore, to reach out and try everything, to fully realize one’s potential as an artist.” says Federico.

Looking for free painting lessons on pastel painting techniques?

Get pastel lessons to achieve beautiful colors when drawing with pastels

What could be better than learning how to paint with pastels following the steps of master pastel artist and teacher Frank Federico through his dynamic approach to color?

In this guide on pastel painting techniques, Federico offers concrete and detailed tips to:

  • play with the texture of your surface
  • use glaze and underpaint to intensify your color effects
  • create excitement through contrasting or complementary hues
  • enhance the interaction of your shapes and values
  • achieve passion in your art

When painting pastel landscapes or pastel portraits, it is the way you work with colors that will create the vibrant effect for which pastels are loved. Pastels are made of pure powdered pigment, their strokes on the surface and the way colors combine in a composition is unique to the medium.

Is it a pastel drawing or a painting?

Try, learn, discover! Create beautiful pastel paintings today!

Should you refer to your pastel portraits and pastel landscapes as “pastel paintings” or “pastel drawings”? It is a medium that definitely blurs the defining line between drawing and painting. You will be drawing with pastels and end up with a finished piece that resembles more a painting than a drawing. We at Artists Network don’t find the distinction necessary. These free painting lessons walk you through exciting art techniques that will allow you to express your love of color with intensity and dynamism in your pastel drawing compositions.

To reach your full potential as an artist, one must experiment,” Federico emphasizes. “The main thing is to try different combinations, to learn, to discover. It is really great fun to develop one’s own color intuition and to develop a personal visual language. Break rules! To me, this is what art and creativity are all about.

Learn how to paint with pastels to create dynamic color when you claim your free tutorial painting experts love today!

Create a well-structured composition, through solid drawing with values and colors working well, and your artwork will be a success. Download this FREE pastel painting techniques guide today!

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