Putting the Art into the Community

My local pub is great. There is live music, open mic nights, banter and a real sense of community. And history. History oozes out of the building as it is a prime example of Victorian architecture (built 1897) with many original features remaining. There are three floors of large, high-ceiling rooms but only the ground floor is occupied by the pub.

The Vic, St. Annes
A Community Asset

The building is under threat of being demolished and replaced with a block of flats and the local community are challenging this decision under the new localism laws because they want to renovate and restore the building and use it as an arts centre.

It is an ideal opportunity to create workshop and performance space within a community already dedicated to the arts. It would be an excellent use of resources to develop an exhibition and heritage display space, music recording, visual art studio, digital media centre and engage the community in what they would like to do.

I am asking all Lancashire artists to support this campaign and attend the public inquiry in St. Annes United Reform Church Hall on 24th, 25th and 26th April and follow on Twitter @TheVicStAnnes or follow the Save The Vic Facebook Group.

This could be the first use of the Localism Act to stop an unwanted development and give the community the right to purchase and develop the building for community art use.


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