Satellite Navigation – join the journey

Fancy doing something different this Sunday 29th April? Join Preston artists Susan Walsh, Lubaina Himid for the journey of this exhibition piece – a 14-foot cart which will be pulled by fellow artists David Henckel and Andy Greenacre, and photographed by artist Denise Swanson, from Latham Street to Oxheys Mill Studios on Stanhope Street, through Preston’s city centre on Sunday afternoon.

Part of the North by North West Visual Arts Open weekend, the cart will leave Latham Street near Avenham Park at 12pm and should arrive at Oxheys Mill Studios sometime between 2-3pm depending on how hard David and Andy pull it (and how hung over they are from the Art Picnic the day before!).

The route:  Walking   By car – come along to join in the fun and cheer them on.

On arrival at Oxheys Mill Studios, refreshments will be available and hopefully a warm welcome will await. If you don’t fancy following the cart, get to Oxheys on Stanhope Street (just off Brook Street) around 2pm to await its arrival and join in the fun with the welcoming party.

The cart will then be brought into the mill and form the main piece of the Satellite Navigation exhibition which will then be installed. The exhibition will open later in the week and run until 16th June.

If you were continually in transit, what would you take with you? Would it be your beloved antique violin or the sleeping bags, an expensive video camera or a rucksack of food, your jewellery box or the first aid kit?”  These are the questions asked by artist Susan Walsh in making this work. All visitors will be invited to contribute a list of the belongings they would take with them which will form part of the exhibition.

All welcome to the exhibition preview event at Oxheys Mill Studios on 3rd May 5-7pm

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