Tracy Hill: Terrain Exhibition

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The gallery would like to say Happy New Year to all our friends and followers and thank you very much for your support in 2012!

There are lots of exciting plans for the new year including exhibitions from Nathan Pendlebury, Markmakers and WCAF winner David Foster plus the inaugural Python Arts Festival! Watch this space!

First up to launch the New Year will be:
Tracy Hill: Terrains opening 17th January 6-8pm. All welcome!

Tracy Hill’s current research investigates how we travel and chart the land around us. These investigations always begin with the map; she is particularly interested in examining how much information is left off our maps. The main basis for the research is the exploration into the gaps between destinations, to look at maps and to find spaces that give the viewer the ability to wander off the path, to choose a new direction and chart our own discoveries.

Hill’s research examines how the conventional processes of printmaking and the new developing acrylic and digital technologies can be combined to produce innovative ways to challenge the definitions of print. The process of printing in her research work responds directly to the nature of the layering and of building surfaces and resonates with the years of history and palimpsest within our landscape.

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