We Play Expo & Preston City Guild Festival

Welcome to the North West’s closing celebration for London 2012 at the Preston City Guild Festival.

The final weekend has arrived and we are here to say goodbye to a historic event, saluting the world’s largest mega sporting competition. Medals have been won and lost, world records achieved and new friends made along the way. A cultural festival like London 2012 lingers in the memory because it ends. Now is the time for the North West to celebrate how well we played.

Inspired by the great World Fairs of the twentieth century, WE PLAY EXPO dares to transcend unconventional contours and heights. Leading artists, digital inventors and young people push the boundaries of their craft, displaying their playful creations for London 2012 at a single site for the first time and for the end of the Games.

Community and spectacle transform Avenham and Miller Parks over three days, inviting everyone to become part of something unexpected, extraordinary and great. Designed to reveal the modernity and progressiveness of the cultural landscape in the 21st Century, the WE PLAY Expo programme boasts many firsts, from new international collaborations and regional festivals to technological breakthroughs and cultural icons.

WE PLAY Expo introduces: the World’s first life size replica of Stonehenge (Sacrilege), the Region’s first festival designed and produced by young people from across Lancashire and the North West (Blaze Festival) and offers Preston its first telepresence art experience (Humble Market) and a pioneering art project which makes visible the emotion and attention of the Olympic audience around the world for the first time in history (Emoto). WE PLAY EXPO presents: first showings and premiers of new films and live performances created for London 2012 by artists in the North West and marks the end of the London 2012 road with a first time international collaboration and not to be missed spectacular new outdoor show (On the Night Shift).

The spirit of World Fairs pervades our new age of digital invention and global collaboration. Find it at our events in Avenham and Miller Parks, in our landmark exhibitions in Preston City Centre and in WE PLAY Expo’s very own Olympic Village in Miller Park. The scale and scope of the programme suggests the global compass of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The programme brings together outdoor performance, digital culture and young producers into a global celebration: ‘WE PLAY’ – a 21st century proposition for public participation and civic advancement inspired by London 2012 Games and its vision to inspire change.

The timely occurrence of the Guild Year in Olympic Year opened a window for London 2012 in the North West to join together with Preston Guild to create an environment where London 2012 fans, Preston Guilders, local residents and visitors can connect. Legacy Trust UK, Preston City Council and Arts Council England made that dream possible. WE PLAY Expo concludes the four-year Cultural Olympiad, the London 2012 Games and Preston Guild 2012 in the North West and invites their legacies to grow. We hope you enjoy this unprecedented and once in a lifetime Olympic Guild event.

All the latest information can be found at www.nwfor2012.com

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